LATEST KNITTING (and some woodwork)

An Alan Dart Elf

Could a rabbit hutch be an heirloom???

Jeremy Fisher ( Alan Dart pattern)

Wilfrid Toadflax (Alan Dart pattern)

Puff the magic dragon (Alan Dart pattern)

Peter Rabbit (Alan Dart pattern)

He oh Po!

Bob the Builder!!! (an Alan Dart pattern)

So much wool.......

Sweater for Pieter

A hoodie in the making!


Liz S said...

I love your Puff the Magic Dragon toy, but where can I find the pattern? I have been looking everywhere on the internet and cant find it for sale. Was it in a magazine or something?

Jolien said...

I just found you blog. You make beautiful thinks! I would love to make peter rabbit. Do you know where I can find the pattern?

Hannan Aslam said...

Your work forces out your followers for blog commenting.

Jeson Devid said...

Your table are too sword like to feature and relaxed to see. jigsaw saws